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Calling for Infamy

Dear Blog,

I am really sorry to have lost touch with you. Its because of other blogs that I have been unable to update you with the latest happenings in my life. You know how much I love and care about you. But I have been really busy with some other blogs in the  recent past. Sometimes I feel that I will forget about you and move on with my life. But you know I cant do that. Love you. Will soon call you up sweetheart.

Yours Lovingly


P.S : Now try replacing all occurrences of the word blog with your girl’s name.

Call center blues !!!

Fed up of why his computer cud not print his gfs pic … a window XP user (read widowed user) decides to drop a call at the call center.

Frustrated windows XP user (read citizen of USA) now referred to as caller – Hi is this India?

The coustomer care executive ( read kast a coustomer) now referred to as CSE – GM Sir, this is Anie ( damn she is Anamika), fiddling with her mirror and tweezers, she still cant figure out why none proposed to her in the last bygone 4 hours (read Indian boys) how can I help you?

Caller – @$#$!%^#$%!#$

CSE – Putting down the tweezer (for the moment) Sir, plz cool down, can you tell me abt the problem ur facing at ur end ?

Caller – Damn i am trying to print my gfs pik and the fucking thing says it cant find my printer.

CSE – Sir can u tell me the OS which ur using?

Caller – What is OS Miss ? ( He is surely not drunk)

By this time Anie has made sure that she can claim that the distressed caller is a Yank, she opens the USA manual and peeks in.

CSE – Sir ru using windows XP ? – coming straight to the point – lets not talk abt the domain knowledge here..she hardly knows more abt what a class 4 can talk computers, leave apart the intricacies of an OS.

Caller – Yes, i guess..I got it registered last week (Fool….people in this part of the world can play Frisbee with the OS cds

CSE – That’s really good sir ( U need to thank people who buy windows) Sir may i know whom I am speaking to?

Caller – Well can we get down to the root nature of the problem ( The man seems to be doing trouble shooting here)

CSE – Sure Sir

Caller – Well miss so what next…can u help me out? ( Indians can do much more than that dude !!!)

CSE – Yup !!! ( u need to keep dropping those words to fool the caller that his call is routed to someplace in Uncle Sam’s land) Can u give me the error message that the computer is showing up?

Caller – Falls back…Opens his 2 storeyed refrigerator … gulps in coke…bites almost all the burger in one go…speaks coughing out…Yes...staring at the screen to find the error message…It says something like .. The computer cant find the printer

CSE – Did u install a new printer ?

Caller – Yes, but does that matter? ( Now who tells this idiot that u need drivers to let ur hardware feel happy abt its existence) and so I pulled my computer closer to the printer and made them face each other. But i am still being shown the same damn message..can u help me Miss…

Now thats insane

Was ransacking my selves with blogs

Ran through two entirely strange scribbings


n !!!!


Wonder if we are looking at the next Bill and Larry here ? 😀

In hibernation !!!

The blogs have dried up…The interests in my life have changed..Chucked jobs in between..All along i have been hooked to Orkut though..Orkut hung on to me..I hung on to it … A friend in need ;is a friend indeed.. 😉

Depends on how you perceive the state of affairs..I have still not pressed the panic button..and i wud never do that…In many ways the past 2/3 weeks have been a discovery in themselves..I pampered myselves with loads of sleep..I never knew that I cud sleep for 16/24 hours….I discovered Im not all that bad a cook…I realised I can improve my riding capabilites..delhi has a good test bed for all new riders..Im not new to bikes..but new to the mad bumper-to-bumper traffic that delhi sadly boasts of. The days have been full of retrospection …from frnds to jobs..from hopes to realisations…from heaven to hell..he he he..jokes..Im from hell anyways..lotsa frnds keep on saying that.

In many amazing ways i feel a break from the mundane can do wonders to ur life…I was doled that gyan many times…now i am seeing that for myselves…. Continue Reading »

Blogged by Hawa Singh urf the Anil SPSS Singh 

the wind the, storm and the tempest,
people say there are two faces of coin,
but the wind disagrees,
i have got three
the wind, the storm and the tempest

.the first one is light…
full of delight
always reday to agree…
and make u feel free.
sweet and calm…
feels life with charm.

the next one is stronger…
with a bit of zeal and anger.
drives one to excel…
and always try to fare well.
neither stupid nor courageous…
but at times can be dangerousit’s
not just to complete the rhyme…
but it’s the action time.
the wind the storm and the tempest.

the last one is not the modest..
but consider itself as the best..
with it’s life being the shortest.
Having all it’s pride and honour at stake…
much of the time sounds fake.
hold ur heart and close ur eyes…
bcoz it’s not the action time.
neither efficient nor effective…
it’s always only destructive.
this is how the winds define…
the three face of every mine.

the wind, the storm and the tempest.

Fire U r Cold

Blogged by Hawa Singh 

Fire U r Cold
holding with light very of it’s tip
putting it on our tweatering lips
closing our eyes and getting ready for jolt
then we say fire u r cold..
pushing it hard and thrashing into lungs
every bit of smoke in our respiratory toungue…
fucking it’s systems every day
trying to make it’s own way..
it comes in, it goes out..
making us speak with our every thought
Fire U r cold
with a bit of grass added
it tastes a bit jaded
nothing right nothing wrong
it’s time for getting stonned
flying high, flying low
making us feel very cold
then we remeber that has been told..
fire u r very cold